Difference Between Traditional Marketing And Digital Marketing

             Are You Looking At Traditional Marketing or Digital Marketing?

     Do you want to reach more people with your business? Then there are two marketing methods you need to be aware of.   Today is the digital age. Because at present the growth of technology in the world is very high. There are currently 4.95 billion users using the Internet. Similarly, the market is going digital. That is why today people are using digital platforms for marketing all over the world. Two types of markets exist today.

1Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing

                 It is the single-way marketing of goods and services. It is very expensive and easily identifiable. It simulates different forms of advertising. It is mainly marketed through television, radio, and newspapers. This is a very expensive process as well as a lot of hardship. It only targets local locations. The biggest advantage of this is that they cannot skip the ads we provide.

2. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing 

                           This is the way products and services are marketed through digital platforms over the Internet. It is cheaper and more efficient. It can target global people. Internet marketing is used by more than half of the World market today. This allows us to pinpoint exactly who we are targeting and exactly who we want to see our services and products for.

Comparison Table -Traditional Marketing And Digital Marketing 









Delayed Result

Quick and real-time result



Comparatively fast



Comparatively high

Return on Investment

Cannot be measured easily

Can be measured easily


Not possible






One-way communication

Two-way communication 





More expensive

Less expensive


Customers can not skip the ads, they are bound to see them.

Allows the customers to avoid or skip the ads which do not interest them.


Less effective

More effective

Channels of Traditional Marketing 

Traditional Marketing Channels

1. Print Market
               This is mainly promoted through media such as magazines and newspapers.

2. Broadcast
                This mainly involves marketing promotion through visual media such as television and radio.

3. Direct Mail
                This mainly consists of catalogs of products and services.

4. Outdoor Market: 
                This mainly includes bus taxi wraps, posters, and billboards.

5. Telemarketing
              This marketing method is mainly used through phone text messaging.

6. Window Display And Signs
              It is mainly used for showcasing products. This way the subplots can be attracted to the product.

7. One-To-one Marketing
              This is a traditional method of marketing that is confined between the consumer and the producer.

8. Referral Marketing
              This tactic is used orally. A consumer who buys a product tells others about its quality and comes through.

Channels of Digital  Marketing 

Digital Marketing channels

1. Website
                  This way more people can understand their product and service.

2. Social Media Marketing 
                 This is the way marketing is done through social media. It's a way of marketing through social media. It's mainly through Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

3 . Content Marketing 
                This is a marketing strategy. It mainly focuses on videos, images, articles, posters, and scripts.

4 . SEO(Search Engine Optimization)and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
                 This is the process trick that gets your website to the search engine result page. this is an organic method.SEM means  It is a way of giving ads to the customers we want to target. This is not free.

Email Marketing 
                This is a simple method. This way it gets more customers. It's also possible to maintain existing consumers.

  6 . Display  Ads 
                It's mainly used like Google platforms. It displays advertisements for its products and services.
7Pay Per Click
                As the name implies, it pays per click. Repeating more ads by running the ad on their website and thereby generating more marketplace.

8. Inbound Marketing
               This is a business methodology. This way the conversion right is more.

Advantage of Digital Marketing 

  1. Global reach 
  2. lower cost 
  3. Trackable, measurable results 
  4. personalization
  5. Improved conversion right 
  6. Openness
1. Globel Reach
            With the growth of the internet, we can market to any corner of the world.

2 .lower Cost 
            Digital marketing requires only a third of the cost of a traditional market.

3. Trackable, Measurable Result 
            Compared to the traditional market, we can track and measure whether it has results and whether it works.

4 .Personalization
            With the data of those who interact with us, we can connect with them more and more offers to happen so that we can understand their taste.

5 . Improved Conversion Right 
           Conversion rights are much higher in this than in traditional marketing.

6. Openness
             As you interact with social media and handle it carefully, you will be able to develop more customer loyalty and thereby create more reputation.


Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

  1. Skills And Training
  2. Time-Consuming
  3. High Competition
  4. Complaints And Feedback
  5. Security And Privacy Issues                                                     

1 . Skills And Training

            To do this you must have the skill and training.

2 .Time -Consuming 

            It takes a lot of time compared to the traditional market.

3 .High Competition 

            We can see all the existing competitors so there will be a good competition to get ahead in the market.

4. Complaints And Privacy Feedback

            Being online can cause a lot of problems as well as a lot of feedback.

5. Security And Privacy Issues
            Being online can lead to many security issues as well as privacy issues.


Advantages of Traditional Marketing 

  1. Reach Local Audiences
  2. Reuse And Recycling Possible 
  3. Familiar Marketing Mode
  4. Hard Copy Easily Processed
  5. New Audiences

1 . Reach a Local Audience 

            Can target people in a specific local area.

2. Reuse And Recycling Possible 

            The strategies we come up with can be reused and recycled again.

3 . Familiar Marketing Mode

             This is a well-known method and therefore does not require any special skills or abilities.

4 . Hard Copy Easily Processed

             It's very easy to get a hard copy. It's so easy to see.

5. New Audiences

             This is one of the most common ways to create new customers.

Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing 

  1. Static Text
  2. Lack Of Time To Update Message
  3. Expensive Compared To The Online Market
  4. Customized Marketing is Not Possible
  5. Forced On The Consumer

1 .Static Text
          Static is used to run ads traditionally, but you can not edit them quickly.

2. Lack Of Time To Update Message
          It takes a long time to update each message.

3. Expensive Compared To The Online Market
         The cost is much higher compared to the digital market.

4 . Customized Marketing Is Not Possible
         In this way, it is very difficult to customize the market in the way that consumers want.

5 . Forced On The Consumer
         In this way, we must be behind the consumers and constantly compel them to take the product service.

              Now you can decide what kind of market you want. The market you deserve As a digital marketing strategist I suggest the digital marketing market.